About us

Credo-IT Solutions is committed to serving you by using technology to solve your everyday problem. We are a global company that trains, equips and meets the needs of IT companies in search of good IT consultancy.
We believe in people irrespective of their social and economic status.
We do this by
  • Equipping our IT professionals to meet international standards and the needs of our customers through regular trainings.
  • Providing outstanding IT professionals for various IT assignments.
  • Providing a platform where knowledge, talent and opportunities come together.

Management Team

Benedicta Owiredua Nkansah – CEO

Richard Danquah - CTO

Eyram Cobblah - CTO

Jane Awuah – Managing Director

Nathaniel Asare - Marketing and Sales Manager

The best people

With knowledge, integrity, decisiveness and vision-driven

Independent consultancy

Completely in the interest of the customer

A proactive approach

Fitting within the customer environment with the best IT solutions

Core values

Our profesionals are the best

We train and equip our professionals to be outstanding. We provide a structural development program with an eye for mental, spiritual and physical growth of every Credo-IT professional.

Intrinsic motivation

The power to create, change, empower and make a difference is from within. It’s in our DNA from our creator. Our lifelong learning attitude is in our nature. It gives us pleasure to be the solution to a problem! That is why we exist.


Where others see a problem, we see opportunities to use IT to provide innovative solutions, because of our solution oriented-attitude. We believe that, by providing solutions to problems, we can impact the world.

Work hard and smart,
Get rewards

We believe in working hard the smart way. We believe in celebrating our successes in a very conscious way. We celebrate in style!