Whoever chooses consultancy from Credo-IT, opts for high quality consultants who are solution oriented, transparent, well equipped, hard working, loyal and always customer friendly.
We create excellent results and measurably higher customer satisfaction. This is what makes us unique in the market.
We combine quality IT professionals who need a push in society with innovative solutions to meet your need.

Our specialized services

  • Creating solutions for everyday problems using innovations that are sustainable, easy and affordable for companies across the globe.
  • Providing IT professionals for various IT assignments. The IT professionals we provide are: Project leaders, Test managers, Testers, Business analyst, Mobile apps developers, software developers, Scrum Masters, Devops Teams, Cyber Security Consultants. In our organization we believe in people so, we equip our highly talented and motivated employees to become outstanding professionals according to international standards.
  • Providing cyber security solutions for various companies.
  • Providing software solutions for various problems across the globe.
  • Providing apps for various companies.
  • Providing a platform where knowledge, talents and opportunities come together.
  • Organizing seminars where young Africans are empowered.
  • Providing a module for universities that prepares the final years for the job market and to be successful on the job market.

The best people for these roles

Project Management

Business Analysis

Test Management

Cyber Security Professionals

Software Developers

Scrum Masters